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    The problem?

    1. Electricity produced from fossil fuels is causing climate change, harming our planet, and compromising the livelihood of everyone!
    2. Many schools are missing the opportunity to teach children sustainability.
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    Our Solution:

    1. We help schools generate clean solar energy at no cost.
    2. We provide energy literacy education through workshops and online tools.
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68 schools have prevented almost 30 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere since they joined.

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More than 1200 trees offsetting the CO2


John Murray, Site Manager


120kWp installed 2018


Glenn Lillo, Ex-Head Teacher



50kWp installed 2013

How does it work

We help schools go solar. No matter the stage of your solar project, we move it forward! We offer the following options:
1.Fully funded new solar system: purchase solar electricity & no investment.
  • We develop a solar project on your school, from initial idea through to installation and long-term management.
  • In exchange, we offer a reduced price for the solar electricity so your school can start using clean, local renewable energy.
  • We plan, raise funds, coordinate and oversee installation and manage the solar panel system, while we provide your teachers and students with energy education resources.
  • You carry no risk and invest nothing but receive all the benefits of having solar såoo( panels on your roof.
2.Assistance moving new solar projects forward

If you are working on a new solar project on your school, take advantage of one two or all three of the services we provide:

  • Analyse


    • Überprüfung des Dachpotentials
    • Stromverbrauchsanalyse
    • Wirtschaftlichkeitsanalyse
    • Recommendation of system sizes
    • Vergleich verschiedener Anlagengrößen, Finanzierungsoptionen und resultierender Ersparnisse sowie vermiedener CO<sub>2</sub>-Emissionen
  • Machbarkeitsstudie


    • Site Visit
    • Energy performance certification
    • Analyse der Dachstatik
    • Anlagenauslegung
    • Antrag Netzanschluss
    • Ertragsprognose
  • Planung, Vergabe und Bauleitung


    • Detailplanung der Anlage und Auswahl der Komponenten
    • Beschaffung der Komponenten
    • Ausschreibung und Vergabe der Installationsaufträge
    • Einplanung der Installationsteams
    • Bauleitung, Abnahme und Inbetriebnahme
3.Assistance optimizing existing solar projects

You have already gone solar, but have you optimized your impact? We offer the following services for schools with solar panels:

  • Audit & Update


    • Site Visit
    • Überprüfung der mechanischen und elektrischen Installation der Anlage
    • Ergebnisbericht zu Zustand und evtl. Mängeln der Anlage
    • Empfehlung für ev. Erweiterungen
  • Betrieb & Wartung


    • Installation einer dreifach Messung: Bezug, Einspeisung, Eigenverbrauch
    • Remote, daily monitoring of systems performance
    • Fehlersuche
    • Inspektion und Wartung
    • Bearbeitung von Garantieansprüchen
    • Site Visit
  • Energiepädagogik


    • Solarstromerzeugung und Energieverbrauch an Schulen
    • Modultechnologie
    • Energiemanagement
    • Globaler Klimawandel und Nachhaltigkeit